Annual Service Agreement

Annual Service agreement Benefits

•    As a service agreement customer you will receive priority service when scheduling during normal business hours.
•    We will also provide you with guaranteed 24 hour emergency service at absolutely no additional cost forlate night or weekends.
•    Should any additional services be required you will receive a 10% discount on all labor and materials provided.


Annual Inspection Includes:

•    Check water heater for signs of damage and to ensure it is operating at its peak efficiency
•    Check all faucets for leaks and corrosion, clean aerator for proper water flow
•    Check all supply lines
•    Show you where your main shut off is located, should you have an emergency
•    Check all shut off valves for leaks
•    Inspect all toilets for leaks and proper flushing action, adjust flapper, float valve and overflow tube if needed to be set at manufacturers specifications
•    Inspect all hose bibs outside of home
•    Inspect all drains for proper drainage
•    Check washing machine hoses for signs of damage or kinks that may lead to leaks

When you pay a onetime per year contract fee you will receive an annual inspection of you homes plumbing equipment at no extra cost and a 10% discount off any needed repairs during that entire year.

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